Nov 8, 2014
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What a Movie Release Date Can Tell You About a Movie

One of my first jobs in New York was working for the Gersh Agency, a talent and literary agency, at midtown. In the world of entertainment you’ll find the “Big 5″ agencies – William Morris, CAA, Endeavor, IMG and one other whose name escapes me – and then the subsequent level of about ten smaller agencies. Gersh was somewhere in that following level. They’d have you believe they were at the top, but I’m not so certain and didn’t stick around long adequate to verify one way or the other, anyway.

We did have some huge clients, though. David Schwimmer from Friends was our greatest breadwinner (out of the New York office, at least – the Los Angeles office had even larger names). Sam Rockwell was also on our list, as were Josh Duhamel and J.K. Simmons. They’d all stop by the office each and every now and again, and we’d roll out the red carpet so-to-speak, treating them like a-List stars and doing our finest to pamper them so they wouldn’t run away to a larger agency.

What I learned while in my time there was that a movie release date can tell you a lot about the movie release itself. Agencies don’t in fact release films – studios do – but they have some say in it. And it really is merely negative news for an agency if one of their star’s films is released in January or February. Simply because it means the studio thinks the movie is going to bomb, and nobody wants their star to become in a bomb.

It really is a uncomplicated fact that men and women spend much less dollars in January and February. Regardless of whether that’s since it really is colder throughout most from the country while in those months so individuals stay inside additional, or irrespective of whether it really is since men and women have much less dollars simply because of December’s holidays, it is tough to say. My guess is that it is a bit of both.

But it results in studios dumping films that they’ve already made but think are crap into the theaters through that two month stretch. Irrespective of whether it is something like Denzel Washington’s “Book of Eli” or Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island,” even having the greatest stars or greatest directors attached won’t save a poor movie from a poor movie release.

The flip side is that each and every agent wants their client’s films to become released while in the summer, preferably some time from May well til about mid-july. These are known as “tentpole films” since the cash they make acts as a tentpole to hold up the rest on the studio, and a tentpole movie release is often a fantastic way for a star – and their agent – to build their brand and name recognition.

Nov 8, 2014
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The Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card For College Students Is Good News For College Students

The Citibank Students Cards cater to the needs of students and is more than a debit card for the students. One among them is the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students, which facilitates particularly those college students who pay off their credit card balance on time and manage to keep the balance low.

Benefits Of The Card

The Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students promises to be a rewarding experience for the students with high GPA’s. Higher GPA’s will give you higher points. The Thank You points that you earn can be utilized for MTv merchandise, airline tickets, gift cards and CDs.

The credit card enables you to achieve a solid education and gain smart spending. The card has a reasonable annual percentage rate (APR) convenient for building a good credit. You can also avail the opportunity to use your points towards MTv special events and for other fun purposes.

Absence of any annual fee makes it easier for the student to save money. The card enables students view/check their accounts and pay the bills online. The card also has provisions for theft protection as well as travel insurance. In case, you live away from your home, the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students gives you the option of visiting your family and avail a discount on the airline tickets.

Other Benefits

The card comes handy if you require quick cash or desire to save a balance on another high interest-rate credit card. Moreover, you can avail of a 0% annual percentage rate (APR) on the balance transfers and a 0% interest rate on the cash advances for the initial six months.

Each and every purchase you make with the card enables you to obtain points. You can conveniently earn 5 points for spending 1 dollar at your favorite haunts, like video rental stores, bookstores, restaurants, record stores and movie theatres. For purchases elsewhere, you can earn one point for spending one dollar with the card.

The Thank You Redemption Network of the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students further makes it possible for you to earn 2000 Thank You points twice a year for possessing a good GPA. You can, however, earn a maximum of 75000 points each year. The rewards expire in the duration of 5 years.

You can save 10% at the MTV store in New York City and If you are able to make timely full payments each month, you will be receiving 20 free of interest days in each billing cycle.

Bonus Points

The card brings for you other advantages like many Internet account related services, emergency card and cash replacement, lost and stolen card reporting, auto rental insurance and legal as well as medical referral services.

It also gives the cardholder the facilities like free access to credit education tips and tools, lost luggage assistance, fraud and security protection services, discounts on auto rentals, up to $1000000 travel accident insurance and more privileges.

Nov 8, 2014
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Amelia Movie Review

Amelia Earhart Movie Review

I recently watched the film Amelia staring Hilary Swank and Richard Gere. Miss Earhart was an American legend who set many records in flights and aviation. Born in 1897 right before the birth of the airplane by the Wright brothers, Amelia did not have a passion to fly as a youth. This however would change on December 28th 1920 when her father put up $10 for Amelia to go on short 10 minute flight in Long Beach California.

Miss Earhart was hooked on flying and managed to save up $1,000 for flight lessons. That is $11,600 in today’s money. She took her first lesson in Jan 1921 and purchased her first airplane 6 months later. On May 15th 1923 Earhart was issued her pilot’s license.

Amelia’s life was not in the spot light and she was unknown to the world until a 1928 transatlantic flight. Earhart was not the pilot during this flight but was the first woman ever to cross the Atlantic by air. Upon returning to the states and greeted with a hero’s welcome parade in New York City followed by a trip to the White House to meet Calvin Coolidge, Amelia’s life was now front page news.

The movie Amelia picks up on her life from 1928 until her disappearance in 1937. From a historical standpoint the movie is accurate and full of beautiful aerial views. The picture shows Earhart’s struggle with balance between her personal life and her passion to fly. She was a free spirit and pioneer for not only aviation but women and the American dream. During the time of the great depression she represented courage, hope and dreams to millions of broken-spirited people. She was the most famous woman in America and graciously fit into her era of time.

Two award winning actors Richard Gere and Hilary Swank did an excellent job playing the characters of Amelia Earhart and George Putnam. The movie was based on the books: East To The Dawn and The Sound Of The Wings. I have always enjoyed the book stories to the movie versions of anything. A 2 hour movie really limits what can be told.

Amelia is definitely worth watching if your digging for research. It was a bit slow and focused too much on the relationship of Amelia and George. The movie would have been much more interesting if the attention was on her professional flying career.
I wanted to see more of the aviation records she broke and that is what I hoped to gain from this movie.

The final scenes of Amelia are of her famous around the world flight attempt. This was by far the best part of the movie. The suspense pulls you in and you can’t help but to pull for Amelia. You already know the ending but you try to believe they are going to make it. Earhart and Noonan cannot find their fuel stop at Howland Island. This was to be the last stop before Hawaii and then on to California to complete the journey. The 28,000 mile trip was within reach but not to be told.

The movie just like in real life leaves many unanswered questions. The weather that day was a bit cloudy and overcast but not bad flying weather. Operating on little sleep Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan had no room for error. Finding an Island 2 miles long and a ½ mile wide in the middle of the pacific was a suicide mission. You would think they would have had a back up plan for this emergency? I personally think the planning was poor at best given the limited technology at the time. Finding a needle in a haystack might have been an easier task.

This sad day in history ended America’s mainstream fascination with aviation. With Charles Lindberg retiring from flying Amelia was the last American hero flyer and ambassador to the skies. The glory age of aviation was Lindberg and Earhart ended.

The movie Amelia is worth watching once but I did not live up the person that Earhart was. The acting was excellent but the story was weak. I also wish the film would have started earlier in her life around the 1920 time frame when she got hooked on flying. The most famous woman in America from 1928 until she disappeared in 1937 deserves a better film.

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The New Warcraft Movie – The First 5 Things You Should Know

It has been six months since the official announcement of the first Warcraft movie, and although some specifics are a little scarce, we now know quite a bit about the outline of the movie and what we might expect when it is finally released.

Fanfare – The movie is being directed by Sam Raimi. His resume includes the first three Spiderman movies (he is rumoured to have walked out on the fourth) Scream and (if you are old enough to remember) the excellent Evil Dead. This initial announcement shows that this is no mini-budget tie-in or rip off. This is being seen as a major movie release with serious production and directorial values.

It is being written by Robert Rodat, He of “Saving Private Ryan” fame. Looking through Robert’s resume, it seems that action will play a very large part in the movie. However expect some pretty moving personal moments as well. Ryan was a rollercoaster of emotions. Fear and frustration (the stabbing scene while his buddy whimpered on the stairs still drives me mad today).

Back down under, the rugged landscape of New Zealand is being cited as the most likely location for the outdoor scenes. I like this idea as well. There is enough scope and variation there. I can picture an “Azerothian” landscape quite easily.

Drum your fingers and tap your toes. It’s going to be quite a wait. Although films of this type can be put together in two years, expect three years as a minimum from now (so 2013 most likely) I would like to bet that it is released to tie in with the expansion after Cataclysm – possibly with some plot overlap between the film and the game. That’s just my guess, but you heard it here first. Lore is an important part of Warcraft, and has been since Warcraft 2. The film will almost certainly stay true to existing lore, but may look to advance it in certain areas. That was, after all, one of the stipulations of the licence.

With the director and writer in place we can expect an action based movie to be the result. LotR was a quest movie with action in it. Warcraft will be an action movie with some quest and plot advancement in it. That’s speculation for now, but with the pedigree of the writer and director (not to mention the production company) it seems far more likely that we will see a lot of hack and slash (and whizz and puff for the magic users out there)

Some things are still very uncertain though. There is currently no view on who will star in the movie. Certain names have been put forward in the last six weeks, then quickly denied., It’s unlikely that anyone has signed up for it yet, but expect a few major stars, some beefcake and some attractive ladies (I don’t think I’m risking being wrong with this prediction).

The production company is Legendary Pictures of “300” and “Batman Begins”. Again, fantastic news for those of us waiting for a real action movie with top notch production values. I’m just thankful that Michael Bay has nothing to do with it any more. A man that can turn any specific title into “generic mush” with his direction should be kept well away from this movie.

With it now being clear that this man is no longer part of the Warcraft movie we can breath easily knowing that it’s unlikely that our much beloved game will be turned into “ABC action movie on rails – with no regard to existing plot or Lore – made to showcase my special effects team Part 4″ like most of Bay’s output seems to be. Rant off.

This site is up and running again now, and we look forward to bringing you all the latest and best in Warcraft news in the coming months. See you soon.

Nov 8, 2014
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Locating a Reliable Retailer of Movie Gift Baskets

Making movie gift baskets are a lot of fun. But when or where to start making them is the biggest problem of most people. And so before you begin making movie gift baskets, you’ve got to spend some time educating yourself about it. You are going to need the advice of an expert when it comes to these things, especially if you want your gift to come out extra special and memorable.

The first thing you should do is to gather all the information you might need when it comes to movie gift boxes. You can start with the various online retailers of these gift baskets that are operating both online and offline. You are going to need as much facts as you can get to make everything look right. Suppliers can be located all around the world. It is best that you focus on the ones operating in your home country. That way, you can narrow down your choices into just a few names. Finding the most reputable supplier for movie gift baskets becomes a lot easier too.

Indeed, movie baskets can make any person’s day bright – especially if your gift is personalized. This is the perfect gift for a lonely friend, mother, or sister. You can also use it to cheer up someone sick at the hospital. If you want to impress your boss, try giving him or her one of these movie gift baskets. You never know but your promotion might just be in line if you do.

Movie baskets can also be given to your special someone, as it is something that could initiate good memories together. Maybe she’d love to watch a couple of the movies you have put in there with you. It’s not a big date or anything, but it is definitely something to start with. Movie gift boxes will always have one lasting impression on the person you’ll give it to. So don’t underestimate the powers of these gifts!

A good suggestion as to where you can find a list of reliable movie gift basket suppliers would be to come back to this site often. This site can serve as your source of first-hand, all accurate information about movie gift baskets and everything you might need to know about them. The site is updated regularly so visit every time you are online to obtain all the fresh news and information.